John Shacklett

The Coach is back wearing red this year in his eleventh season with the PPR.  Coach John Shacklett's reappearance means the much anticipated return of Shack's Pig Pen, a segment of the show that celebrates and features outstanding interior lineman and tight ends. 

Coach Shack is a Grossmont High School and San Diego State University graduate-turned-head football coach.  His 32-year tenure with Morse High School consisted of 18 league championships, five CIF-SD County championships and a three runner-up finishes from 1979 ‘til 1996. 

In addition to the PPR, Coach has decided to return to the sidelines. “I have entered into a new experience,” said Coach Shack, “in coaching my grandson's Mighty Mite football team composed of 8- and 9-year-olds.  It's humbling at best.” 


What has been your favorite moment on the PPR?

When they first got started and they hosted the Gala in-studio at KUSI, that was really a chaotic experience, but it was a lot of fun for me to see it happen. I think overall watching the program grow in its popularity has really been enjoyable for me.”

 Having been such a successful coach, what brought you to the PPR?

“Paul's immense popularity and continued contributions to the community has made himself and the PPR a positive social influence.  His effort to place teenagers in constructive academic and athletic situations makes my experience with the PPR very enjoyable and positive.”

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