John Soderman

Entering his fourteenth year with the PPR, our No. 2 in charge John Soderman will be returning to continue his coverage of the South Bay Game of the Week.  Soderman's unique style of wearing shorts in any weather and his creation of the famous “South Bay Shuffle” has left a mark on the community he has covered his entire tenure with the PPR.

After serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps, Soderman was a police officer for the Tustin P.D. for three years.  Sports played a different role in Soderman's life before the PPR when he was a minor league pitcher in the Oakland Athletics and California Angels organizations.  His claim to fame was giving up a home run to future Padres star Tony Gwynn.  “I was horrible,” says Soderman. “I threw three pitches…a double, a triple and a home run.”

This twenty-eight-year veteran's broadcast career has spanned over eight different markets, including Los Angeles, leading to San Diego where he is starting his thirteenth year at KUSI.

Soderman's passion for the PPR stems from what it means to the community and players he covers each week. “In my humble opinion,” says Soderman, “the PPR created by Paul Rudy is hands down the best high school football show in the country!”

Soderman has also spent the last nine years as the drummer in the local Motown band 'The Corvelles' which have performed for PPR Galas in years past. However, Soderman's biggest accomplishment he says in all of his varied career turns and paths was marrying his current wife Dalva (from Brazil) at a time when he was so afraid of marriage. She has since given them the love of their lives…their son Matthew…who was on the PPR just days after he was born!


Where and how did the “South Bay Shuffle” originate?

“It started at the Jerry Lewis telethon. This kid did a goofy spin and I tried it and I looked so stupid doing it I said ‘that's it!'”

What are your favorite PPR moments?

Anytime a player from years past approaches me and says something like, 'Years ago you put me on the PPR…I'll never forget it.' This is why the PPR is truly amazing. It is a gift to the market. High school football is truly the last innocent stage of the game. After high school, it gets more political, less innocent…and the fact is most of the kids will never play organized football again. Our show validates what for many is one of the happiest times of their lives.”

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