Join the Red Jacket Army – the PPR is coming!

Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime?

The PPR Red Jacket is a badge of honor.  Anyone who has earned the privilege of wearing one knows what the most coveted garment in high school sports symbolizes.

It means you didn’t blink at sacrificing every fall Friday night, often standing guard in the hot sun or bone-chilling cold.  It means your attention to detail is exceeded only by your ability to perform assigned tasks under intense deadline pressure.  Most importantly, the Red Jacket means your dedication to San Diego high school football is beyond reproach.

We’ll teach you the do’s and don’ts of the PPR.  But you must possess some basic skill sets:
*must be punctual
* must be willing to learn and learn quickly
* must be available every Friday night from August 17th to the Silver Pigskin Gala  (Tuesday Dec. 4th)
*must possess driving record

The Prep Pigskin Report has launched hundreds of TV careers.  Are you ready to step onto the launch pad and see if you have the right stuff?  Applications are now being accepted.  Interested field producers, Pigskin Idol coordinators, videographers and social media content generators should send resumes to

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