Jorge Ventura: Large caravans of migrants are illegally entering the United States

RIO GRANDE (KUSI) – Daily Caller field reporter Jorge Ventura has been up close and personal covering migrants illegally entering the United States.

Ventura is publishing video to to his Twitter page showing large caravans of people crossing the Rio Grand River from Piedras Negras, Mexico, and into Eagle Pass, Texas.

To make matters worse, at least 50 people were found dead in an abandoned 18-wheeler in San Antonio. Authorities said the tragedy is the deadliest migrant-smuggling operation in memory.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott immediately called on President Biden and his administration to begin enforcing our immigration laws.

After the tragedy, Biden announced he’s doing everything possible to stop human smuggling. Abbott said that is a lie.

Jorge Ventura has been on the border covering everything surrounding the ongoing immigration crisis, and joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes to break it down and share some of his shocking footage.

Click here to see Jorge Ventura’s Twitter page.


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