Judge affirms tentative ruling in lawsuit about Ash St. lease

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A Judge this week upheld his tentative ruling that would allow a lawsuit that challenges the city’s acquisition of the former Sempra Energy headquarters at 101 Ash St. to move forward.

One of the lawyers representing in the litigation, Maria Severson, joined Good Evening San Diego to discuss the lawsuit.

]City Attorney Mara Elliott issued a statement Monday to the San Diego Union Tribune saying she disagreed with the judge’s decision. “The Gordon plaintiff lacks standing yet seeks to dictate actions of the city while generating attorneys’ fees for his counsel at taxpayer expense,” she said. “We will continue to fight their interference and keep our focus on ensuring that no rent is paid for a building that cannot be occupied.” Asked why she waited nearly four years to challenge the idea of paying millions of dollars to lease a vacant building, Elliott issued a follow-up statement defending the timing. “The city sued within a year of the building being determined unsafe to occupy, and after outside counsel had perfected its legal strategy,” she said. “What matters is who wins in the end.”

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