Judge Gill postpones date of placement of SVP in Borrego Springs another two weeks

BORREGO SPRINGS (KUSI) – Judge Gill has postponed the placement of SVP Michael Martinez, 69, for another two weeks.

Martinez is classified as a sexually violent predator, a designation for those convicted of sexually violent offenses and diagnosed with a mental disorder that makes them likely to re-offend. After serving their prison sentences, SVPs may undergo treatment at state hospitals, but may also petition courts to continue treatment in supervised outpatient locations.

Borrego Springs resident Jon Stillman piped in on the debate and offered his opinion on “Good Evening San Diego” below.

According to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, Martinez was convicted in four separate cases between 1979 and 2004 for offenses that occurred in San Diego and Los Angeles counties and has been diagnosed with pedophilia and personality disorders. The crimes for which he was convicted include child molestation, annoying/molesting a child, lewd or lascivious acts upon a child under 14 and annoying a child under 18, according to the DA’s office.

San Diego Superior Court Judge David M. Gill, who heard fervent opposition from elected officials and Borrego Springs residents at a prior hearing, also heard testimony from clinicians and others earlier this year, and approved Martinez’s return to the community.

Borrego Springs resident Terrie Kellmeyer joined KUSI to talk about how the presence of Martinez will affect her life.

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