Julian crosses removed

JULIAN (CNS) – The three controversial crosses that stood on state property near Julian were removed by Caltrans crews early Tuesday.

Several complaints about the legality of the crosses prompted Caltrans to conduct an investigation for possible encroachment. The investigation determined that the crosses are on public property and must be taken down, said Catherine Bruce-Johnson of Caltrans.

Crews removed the crosses from Inspiration Point about 5 a.m., Bruce- Johnson said. They were removed solely because of illegal encroachment, she said.

To give supporters a chance to move the crosses, Caltrans notified the public that they would be removed in two weeks, Bruce-Johnson said. She said after the grace period expired, Caltrans had to remove the crosses. They are being safely stored in a storage facility until Caltrans finds a place for them, she said.

Pastor Rick Hill has offered to have the crosses relocated to the property of his Hillside Community Church. Caltrans is waiting for him to select a site and take ownership of the crosses, Bruce-Johnson said.

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