Julie Moss releases “Crawl of Fame” memoir about 1982 Ironman Triathlon Crawl

Back in 1982 during the Ironman Triathlon, Julie Moss literally crawled her way to the finish line with the world watching. Today, she’s releasing a memoir about her experience.

Lauren Phinney sat down with legend Julie Moss to talk about Crawl of Fame and how that final fifteen feet changed her life.

The long-awaited memoir, Crawl of Fame, releases Tuesday (Oct. 2) in bookstores throughout North America and online booksellers (published by Pegasus Books, distributed by Norton). It is her riveting tale of the 1982 Ironman race, when she crawled across the finish line on ABC Wide World of Sports, that was burnished forever in American sports legend. It is also the tale of what happened since the race, how triathlon exploded as a sport as a result, and the endurance sports and fitness booms accelerated. Most of all, it is Julie’s story of developing her “inner Wonder Woman”, and helping women and men worldwide to find the greater potential and greatness within themselves — even as she spent this decade rising back up to world-class athlete status.

Julie will celebrate her 60th birthday by running the 40th Anniversary Ironman on October 13 in Kona — and could well beat her second-place world time of 11 hours, 10 minutes from 1982. Her son Mats, also the son of six-time Ironman champion Mark Allen, will make his Ironman World Championship debut in the same race as one of the world’s top young performers.

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