Junior Achievement’s summer camp teaches kids about the world of business

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — It is never too early to teach ids about the world of business, and Junior Achievement is doing just that with their summer camp programs.

At JA BizTown’s Summer Camp for 4th- 6th grade students, campers had to create a product or service and pitch it to judges in "shark-tank" competition. They had to interview for a job.  They have to earn a profit in their business, pay taxes, vote and deposit pay check at the bank.

This interactive program teaches students how to manage their own personal finances and the importance of becoming a successful professional within our community.

JA’s Finance Park Summer Camp for 6th – 8th grade students put campers in the hot seat as they were interviewed by business professionals at PwC. They also enjoyed a Karrer Day where they we introduced to 12 high growth job sectors and professionals in the San Diego economy.

They also learned to budget and save for the future during the simulation experience. 

2017 marks the McGrath Family JA BizTown, a 10,000 sq. foot mini-city in which kids discover how the "real world" works. Each day, about 150 5th graders become JA BizTown "citizens," where they work in one of 21 businesses, make personal financial decisions as well as for their business, hold business meetings, pay taxes and donate to charity.

Nearly 400 students attended the two summer camps this year.  Although the campers may not be old enough to drive, work or vote, they are able to learn valuable, real-world skills to help them tremendously down the line.

The hope of the program is that by investing in children now, it will result in a better and more competitive San Diego workforce in the future.

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