Junior college sports moving to 2021, no fall play allowed

In May the CCAA moved all their California school sports into the spring semester. In July, you can add a “C” and keep the decision.

The CCCAA has chosen the most drastic of its three contingency plan crafted earlier this year, and won’t have athletic competition of any kind until the spring of 2021.

“It’s simply clear that you can’t keep people healthy,” Southwestern College head football coach Ed Carberry said. “It’s going to give us a chance all the way through January for things to calm a little bit and come up with some legitimate ways to do this.”

Southwestern was the first to bout out weeks ago, saying a spike in the South Bay was proof enough to delay. Until Thursday, they were the only school to make that declaration.

The easiest part of the decision is that it keeps the eligibility the same. Freshmen and sophomores don’t have to worry about losing a year along with losing a season. The tough part is finding that special four year program to keep your playing career going.

“We’re waiting for the NCAA,” Mesa College head football coach Gary Watkins said. “We’re advising our second year players who have scholarship opportunities to take those. If a student athlete of ours believes they’re better served by going and competing somewhere else during this time, it’s out of our control.”

The hope for major virus relief by January is even more important now, considering these athletic programs will have double the usage in 2021.

“You’re talking about a number of sports that need to share the same facility,” Watkins said.



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