Justin Hart: Everyone knew the vaccine mandate would hurt the U.S. Military

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has announced that the Pentagon has ended its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the United States military.

Last month, Speaker McCarthy demanded the vaccine mandate be removed from the National Defense Authorization Act that was approved last month, which was then signed by President Joe Biden, requiring the dismissal of the vaccine mandate.

As everyone knows, Health Officials like Dr. Fauci and even President Biden himself, have constantly urged people to get vaccinated and boosted, falsely claiming that the vaccine stops both transmission and infection.

Rational Ground founder Justin Hart has been following the numbers closely, and has proven over and over that the COVID-19 vaccine does not stop infection nor transmission of the virus.

Conservative politicians are applauding Speaker McCarthy for his work to get this mandate out of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, and Justin Hart is no different.

Hart began his interview on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego saying, “one more exhibit has closed in the grand pavilion of terrible COVID policies. This one, the military mandate for MRNA vaccines, for all of our military personnel, including the National Guard.”

Hart asserted our military personnel had “practically zero” risk to the coronavirus, and the now known risk to myocarditis to young men is prominent after vaccination..

Lloyd Austin rescinds COVID vax mandate for military


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