Justin Hart explains charts of statistical anomalies in vote count of Wisconsin and Michigan

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As the Trump campaign and legal team continues to fight to prove voter fraud in the 2020 election, Americans around the country are stepping up to support their efforts.

Data expert Justin Hart has made charts detailing the coronavirus data throughout the pandemic, but once he noticed all of the anomalies in the vote count, he began making graphs to visually depict how unusual some of the things that happened are.

Most notably, Hart created graphs showing a timeline of the vote counts in two battleground state, Michigan and Wisconsin. A few days later, President Donald Trump ended up sharing these charts on Twitter, even thanking Justin personally for creating them.

Both charts clearly show a large amount of Biden votes being tabulated late at night, both states show enough Biden votes were counted for him to win the states.

President Trump then showcased both of these charts during what he said may be the most important speech he’s ever given, where he detailed all of the alleged fraudulent activities that occurred around the country.

Data expert Justin Hart joins KUSI News now to break down his charts and explain why President Trump found them so helpful.

Hart said that he wasn’t aware President Trump was going to use his charts, but is glad to help.

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