Kelly Elementary School shooter arraigned

The man who opened fire on students at a Carlsbad Elementary School, spent the day in court Wednesday.

Brendan O'Rourke pleaded not guilty to seven counts of attempted pre-meditated murder and other charges related to Friday's attack at Kelly Elementary School.

Thus far, we've heard chilling accounts of the gunman's assault on little children and school aides. We also know of the many good samaritans involved in stopping the rampage from continuing, but today we learned of a jammed bullet casing that helped save the day as well.

Bearded and dressed in a green jail jumpsuit, 41-year-old Brendan O'Rourke kept his head and his gaze down as he prepared to plead not guilty to 14 counts, including 7 counts of pre-meditated attempted murder. The only time he raised his eyes was to respond to Judge Marshall Hockett.

Parents of some of the students O'Rourke allegedly shot at, were on hand as Deputy D.A. Summer Stephan outlined a very planned attack.

The terrifying event happened during recess when the shooter, armed with a 357 rueger rifle, a speed loader, extra ammunition, a propane tank with a gas can and matches, climbed over the school fence. He moved to another area of the playground and shot point blank at three little boys, luckily he missed.

When a noon aide confronted him, he pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger but one of the casings from the previous shots was stuck in the revolver and the gun wouldn't fire.

Thankfully the jam caused the gunman to be unable to use his speed loader. Three construction workers reportedly came running out and chased down the gunman.

Citing the defendant as an extreme danger to the community, the judge set bail at 10 million dollars.

Motive for the attack is still unclear, but each day we learn more about O'Rourke's past behavior issues. His Oceanside neighbors describe him as seriously deranged. And a previous misdemeanor case against him indicates serious mental problems.

Why the shooting specifically at Carlsbad's Kelly Elementary School isn't clear but the prosecutor says, “his target was to shoot at children.”

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