Kerri’s Wedding Tips & Ideas

During the early morning hours I tell you about the latest traffic delays, and sometimes I express my love for sports (GO CHARGERS!). But, when the lights and cameras turn off, I'm busy planning a wedding! Yes, MY wedding. I can't believe it, I'm getting married! It's been a blast looking through wedding magazines for inspiration, enjoying the many fine flavors you can explore through cake testing, twirling around in wedding dresses, picking out flowers, invitations, linens and the list goes on and on. Are you overwhelmed yet?

My wedding is set for October 1st, and I can finally say I've been through almost the entire planning process. It's an amazing ride that has been both fun and frustrating. For all of you future brides out there, I want to share tips that will hopefully help you in your journey. Each week leading up to my wedding, we will tackle topics such as wedding dress trends, how to organize your reception, selecting flowers and what to look for in a photographer. I'll introduce you to the experts and get their advice.

These finals weeks are going to be fun! I hope my experiences and tips (see below) help make your journey a memorable one. Cheers!

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