Kids for Peace Youth celebrate the International Day of Friendship with their Great Toy Giveaway Bus tour

CARLSBAD (KUSI) – On Tuesday, July 30th, the United Nation’s International Day of Friendship, Kids for Peace will launch their Great Toy Giveaway Bus Tour with a high-energy send-off. In partnership with the Toy Foundation, Kids for Peace youth will travel up and down California, delivering toys and smiles to kids in need at children’s hospitals, military bases, homeless shelters and more.

The launch event will take place at the Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad, the first recipients of the toys. After receiving their toys, the kids at the Boys and Girls Club will then “play it forward” by writing notes of friendship to accompany the toys at the tour’s next stop at Camp Pendleton’s Fisher Children’s Center. This “feel good” event will inspire new friendships and – with kids “playing it forward” – it will showcase the power of kindness!

Kids for Peace, a Carlsbad nonprofit organization, home to the Great Kindness Challenge is kicking off its first-ever Great Toy Giveaway Bus Tour.

“We will actually going to be hand-delivering them to the boys and girls today. we’re also going to be going to Camp Pendleton later and making stop along the way the coast of California all the way up to Sacramento and then making our way back,” said Meg Jansen, Kids for Peace Board Member.

“There will be children’s hospitals, crisis nurseries, we are going to a farm community so many places where there are kids that don’t get experience to things like this,” said Janson.

Along with the 25,000 toys are handwritten notes by kids.

“Sometimes when you give you give something to somebody it makes them feel like you actually thought about them,” said 12-year-old Grace Seltzer, Kids for Peace Participant.

Kids for Peace partnered with The Toy Foundation, which functions like a toy bank, to make it all happen.

The tour kicked off in Carlsbad at the Boys & Girls Club.

“We love spreading more kindness more love more goodness around the world and giving kids the opportunity to do that so it just fills our hearts,” said Jill McManigal,  Kids for Peace Co-Founder.

The Boys and Girls Club kids here not only get a toy but are learning to pay it forward.  They have written notes of kindness that will be put on the next round of toys to be given away at the next stop.

KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez shared all the details of the amazing event on Good Morning San Diego.

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