KUSI Contributor Mark Larson discusses the San Diego Mayoral race as Bry gains momentum

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The 2020 Mayoral race is shaping up to be amongst the most watched on the San Diego ballot this election season.

City Councilmember Barbara Bry is going head-to-head against Assemblymember Todd Gloria.

Both candidates are Democrats, but Todd Gloria’s support for AB 5, and SB 145 have been some of the main points of criticism from his opponent and San Diegans.

Bry has been criticized for changing her policy views, some say because she is campaigning to get the Republican vote. Councilmember Scott Sherman recently told KUSI News that he believes both candidate are too liberal to be running San Diego.

“I’ve known both of them for a long time, and Todd Gloria has always been Todd Gloria.” On the other hand, Sherman said “Barbara has been a lifelong liberal and now she is trying to convince people she is not trying to pull votes from one side of the aisle to beat Mr. Gloria. With Todd, at least you know who Todd is.”

Sherman said there is too many times in politics, even at the local level, people will say whatever will get them a few extra votes. Sherman made an example of this saying, “too many times we see in politics, with you know, Nathan Fletcher and Mark Kersey, the minute they see that there might be a path that’s tough for them to get to victory, they start changing who they’ve been and start pandering.”

Mayor Kevin Faulconer is not eligible to run for re-election due to term limits.

All eyes are on the mayoral race because it will be the first time in 6 years someone new will be taking the seat.

KUSI Contributor and AM 760 radio host Mark Larson joined KUSI News to discuss the race as polls show it getting closer.

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