KUSI Exclusive: Officer Jeff Swett’s road to recovery

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It was a bizarre case, when a man jumped behind the wheel of a running police car, and drove towards the officer, hitting him.

Officer Jeff Swett survived.

He is called Robocop because nothing, not even life threatening injuries can keep him down.

Looking at Jeff Sweet now, one would never know he almost died less than two months ago. “It would have been more humane just to shoot me. I thought I was done. I thought that was it” he said.

The San Diego Police officer with 25 years on the force was investigating a robbery in Barrio Logan back in January, when the suspected jumped into officer Swett’s patrol car, and ran him down.

“I turned around and took my gun out and started walking that way. He just smiled and stomped on it. It hit me, and I rode the front of the hood for a while then fell off,” said Jeff.

His head was split open. He broke his leg, neck, back, both wrists, and several ribs.

Amazingly, the former Army Ranger powered through. He said it could have been worse.

“I broke my wrist, but don’t have major tendon or nerve damage. Broke my leg, but didn’t tear up ligaments or tendons in the knees. I was really lucky,” he said.

Officer Swett has been home, doing his exercises, and waiting for the next milestone in his recovery.

He said that day will be when he can take his neck brace off, the day he can start walking with crutches.

That day is when he will be able to get in his patrol car and get back on the streets, he said.

“I’d love to be back in four to five months. I think that’s doable,” he said.

His wife Sue is his biggest supporter.

Their 32nd wedding anniversary was just two days after he was hurt.

“We were planning on a long weekend celebration for our anniversary, but it kinda happened in the hospital instead,” said Jeff.

The cards and letters continue to come from the department, and from other people. He is thankful.

“I mean it’d be easy to get depressed. I just don’t want to have something put me down. It is going to be my decision, so, I’ll be back,” he said.

There is no doubt he will.

Officer Swett wanted to thank the surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff at UCSD who put him back together again.

He said it will be at least another four or five years before he is ready for retirement.

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