KUSI Exclusive: One-on-one with Newt Gingrich- Part 2

Political Analyst and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is on the road, a road he hopes will lead to the White House.

Gingrich was in Iowa today after a stop in San Diego yesterday during which he did a one-on-one interview with KUSI's Steve Bosh.

Gingrich brought his American Solutions Tour to Tuna Harbor Park where the local Tea Party movement was staging a rally and Gingrich was their featured speaker.

Gingrich believes this November's election is the most important mid-term election in his lifetime, even more significant than the Republican Revolution he engineered in 1994 when Republicans, for the first time in 40 years, gained control of the House of Representatives.

In Gingrich's opinion, President Obama and the Democrats are taking America down the road to Socialism and if the Democrats come out on top in November America's fate will be sealed.
“Right now the key is to defeat the high tax, high unemployment, high deficit and high spending democrats.”

When the Republicans took power in 1994, they quickly squandered that power by shutting down the government. Republicans paid the price at the ballot box two years later and that defeat lost Newt Gingrich his job.

What will Republicans do if they win this election? Gingrich says That's the biggest challenge for Republicans. “They have got to be committed to reform, they've got to be committed to cutting spending and taxes and they got to prove it by doing real things.”

Contenders for the Presidency often get started right after the mid-term elections. But who will emerge in the Republican Party? Right now, the party is leaderless. According to Newt, “Any time you're in between you have a vacuum, but I look around and see great leaders, Haley Barbour in Mississippi, Mitch Daniel in Indiana, Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota, you have Romney, and Palin and Huckabee. There are a lot of potential leaders emerging in the Republican Party.”

Gingrich is touring the country, hitting nine cities in nine states between now and next Wednesday. He's in Iowa today, and the Presidency is on his mind. “We clearly see that as an option and we're clearly going to look at it carefully. We'll sit down probably in February or March and make a decision.”

The emergence of the Tea Party movement, who shared the stage with Gingrich in San Diego yesterday, may prove helpful to Republicans because the two groups share many of the same concerns. Gingrich points out that  “the tea party has emerged out of anger in both parties. They were tired of big spending, they were tired of Washington politicians, they were tired of people who they felt didn't keep their word. So I think you had a coming together of citizen anger in a way that I think is actually healthy, part of the American tradition.”

The Tea Party movement has become a strong voice for a large segment of the population that's been patiently waiting for government to address the every day concerns of many Americans. Newt says that he thinks that people are “frightened” by the state of our economy and are concerned about what's happening in Washington and Sacramento.

With so many Americans identifying with the Tea Party, KUSI's Steve Bosh asked Gingrich about the possibility of the Tea Party movement morphing into a political party, Gingrich said, “If the Republican Party won the Presidency and then failed, then you might have the morph, but I think through the process of defeating Obama they're going to remain very committed to working together with Republicans.”

On foreign policy, Gingrich says the war in Afghanistan is a war that will not end well.
He says we are dealing with a culture that is fundamentally different than ours, in ways we don't understand.

Two days ago a Federal Appeals Court kept a lower court order, overturning the “don't ask, Don't tell” policy on gays serving openly in the military. Gingrich sees the ruling as Judicial interference. “I think its something that Congress should decide. Its fundamentally wrong for Federal Judges to take the power to override 535 members of the Congress and the President of the United States. I think that's a level of judicial arrogance that should lead Congress to take serous actions.”

The Gingrich tour is to recruit millions of new voters to unseat incumbent Democrats and send job-creating candidates to Washington.
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