KUSI special coverage of proposed FAA flight path changes

POINT LOMA (KUSI) – The Federal Aviation Administration is making a nationwide shift in flight paths across the country.

It’s an effort to allow planes to take more direct routes during arrivals and departures. The intent by the FAA is to use limited airspace as efficiently as possible and burn less fuel. 

Here in San Diego, that would put the flight plan closer to the coast. Flights taking off to the West out of Lindbergh, but bound for the East, will no longer have to swing way out West before turning back. Instead, the plane will make a much tighter turn, flying over, or closer to the tip of Point Loma and then cross Silver Strand Beach almost at the same point as the current flight path.

Thousands in the San Diego area are not happy about the proposed changes.

If approved, the proposed changes could go into effect between May and November 2016.

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October 8th is the deadline for community members to submit their written comments and questions to the FAA. The email address to send those comments is 9-ANM-SoCalOAPM@faa.gov.

Point Loma meeting part 1: Podium Speakers

Point Loma meeting part 2: Public Comments

Flight path fight: What happens next? – Ed Lenderman
      Point Loma residents and other members of peninsula communities didn’t get the answers they were looking for at Tuesday night’s meeting with the           FAA.

Point Loma residents challenge changes to flight paths – Sasha Foo 
     There were a lot of expectations going into Tuesday’s meeting, but the residents concerned about too much pollution and aircraft noise quickly learned      that this forum was more about noise then real action.

Locals prepare to fight FAA proposal to change flight path – Brandi Williams 
     For the first time, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is talking about an FAA proposal to change the flight path at San Diego International Airport. The        people of Point Loma are not giving up without a fight.

Point Loma to discuss flight path changes at FAA meeting – Ed Lenderman 
     The FAA is calling it a workshop, but Federal Aviation officials will likely get an earful from Point Loma residents and others Tuesday night. 

Flight path reaction – Dan Plante
     So what do the people of Point Loma think about all this? First off, they feel blind sided by the federal government.

Reaction to FAA-proposed flight changes
     Robert Jackson, chairman for the Point Loma Association, sat down with KUSI to talk about solutions for residents opposed to the FAA-proposed flight      path changes.

Good Morning San Diego

Justin Mecklenborg on FAA Plane Routes
     Former Pilot and Point Loma Resident, Justin Mecklenborg, shares information on the changes the FAA is trying to make in flight routes. Listen in as        he goes over some of the talking points and informs the public on the meeting held tonight when more will be presented.

Jill Monroe on FAA Plan Routes
     Jill Monroe, Point Loma Nazarene University, discusses some of the issues that will be creating a larger determent to the university, including,                  impacting students learning in a negative matter. 

An update on the Point Loma flight paths changes

Where we stand now on the Point Loma flight changes

Point Loma Air Traffic
     There is a new flight patter that the FAA is trying to implement and it has may of the residents in Point Loma and surrounding towns are protesting.            Private Pilot and Point Loma Resident, Justin Mecklenborg, discusses what is on the board and some of the detriments to communities should this          new flight pattern be approved.

Flight Path Changes
     The FAA is planning on some flight path changes that according to residence, will have a negative impact on Point Loma.  Find out more as Julie              Gildred Connolly, Point Loma Resident discusses some of the issues and monuments that she feels will be effected by pollution and noise.

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