KUSI’s Allison Edmonds honored as a San Diego High School Sports Association All-Star

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Becoming a High School Sports Association All Start is the pinnacle of prep sports honors, our version of the Hall of Fame, ultimate recognition of service to students and athletes across San Diego County.

KUSI Sports has been blessed over the decades to have five of its members inducted into that club, including myself (Brandon Stone), the finest honor I’ve received, and Monday night, a sixth deserving team member was added to that group.

KUSI’s Allison Edmonds was the latest person to be recognized, in front of a packed house with 10 other honorees, ranging from coaches to administrators.

Longtime KUSI News viewers know what makes Allison Edmonds great, her dedication to hard work, worries about the success of others before her own, and an incredible talent that can do anything needed in the Sports department.

Edmonds is homegrown, Prep Pigskin Report tested, and a well deserving recipient of this induction.

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