KUSI’s Salute to Our Military: One-on-one with Brigadier General Joseph Osterman

Since U.S. Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden two weeks ago, there has been no change in the war in Afghanistan.

Every day NATO and Afghan troops continue to capture or kill insurgents, seize drugs and weapons stockpiles, and rebuild a better life for Afghan civilians.

As for the terrorists, even before bin Laden's death, the Taliban said they would begin a new spring offensive. But so far, that, or threats to avenge bin Laden's death, have not altered NATO's daily operations.

NATO's secretary general said the allies will continue their mission to make sure Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for extremism. Forty-eight nations combined have more than 130,000 troops in Afghanistan.

About 90,000 of those troops are American forces, many from right here in San Diego County.

KUSI's John Soderman and photojournalist Mike Gold, both military veterans, have teamed up this week to report on the progress being made by Camp Pendleton Marines fighting in Afghanistan.

This is the first installment, a report on the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, and includes a rare one-on-one interview with Brigadier General Joseph Osterman.

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