KYXY cancels longtime local radio program ‘Jeff and the Showgram’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — For almost three decades, in one form or another, they have been a part of the morning routine for tens of thousands of San Diegans. 

But starting Wednesday morning, you will no longer be listening to the "Jeff and the Showgram" on KYXY 96.5 FM on your way to work. 

Jeff Detrow, along with Jerry Cesak, made their mark on San Diego radio waves back in 1988 with the "Jeff and Jer Show." The duo, along with Tommy Sablan, created an entertaining morning show that was effective both on and off the air.

In October 2015, DJ Jerry Cesak left the showgram to explore a possible career in television. He also wanted to focus more time on rescuing animals. When he signed off, the production became known as "Jeff and the Showgram." 

Tommy Sablan released a statement regarding the announcement, saying, ‘We accept it. We respect it and we’re looking forward to opportunities that are already coming our way."

Those opportunities started rolling in almost immediately after the news broke. 

Jeff, Jer and Tommy were inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in November of last year. 

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