La Jolla Shores Association upset over constant trash pile up

LA JOLLA (KUSI) – After personally intervening in a dispute over trash piling up in La Jolla Shores, Mayor Faulconer met with Shores’ business owners this morning. KUSI’s Ed Lenderman was there reporting live on Good Morning San Diego.

Our first story on the issue aired last week: Residents and business owners, represented by the La Jolla Shores Association,  trying to make a point with City Environmental Services– with an increase in tourism here, the need for more trash cans, especially along Avenida de la Playa.

The response from ESD, they say– businesses need to take more responsibility for putting more receptacles in their stores and on their patios and outdoor areas.

The Association argued that common sense would tell you people walking along the sidewalk, especially with takeout food and drink, aren’t going to go into a store to throw away their trash.

Thus the receptacles were often overflowing and litter was everywhere.

Right after our live KUSI conversations,  Mayor’s senior aid Anthony George called the Association.

More receptacles would soon be in place, the cans were going to be lined and trash pickup would be twice-a-day during the summer season.

After meeting with representatives of the business community Wednesday morning, Mayor Faulconer was live with us. He said it was a common sense issue and thanked a senior aide for reaching out to the Association.

“Anthony George and my team have been working with the businesses and that’s what you want–  businesses and neighborhoods working with the city and just because things were done a certain way in the past, doesn’t mean it should be like that now,”  the Mayor told us.

KUSI’s Ed Lenderman spoke with the Mayor and local residents about getting more public trash cans placed in the area.



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