La Mesa school shooting hoax

LA MESA (CNS) – A possibly delusional man prompted a several-hour security scare at Helix Charter High School Friday by making a vague comments about a shooting at the campus during a brief call to police, authorities reported.

The man made the statements centering around the La Mesa secondary school while speaking to a dispatcher about 8:15 a.m., LMPD Lt. Dan Willis said. When the emergency operator asked for clarification, the caller hung up.

Police notified Helix High administrators, who put the school into a type of alert known as “secure campus,” a status that prevents anyone from entering or leaving the grounds while classes continue, the lieutenant said.

Authorities, meanwhile, were able to track the threatening call to an El Cajon home, where officers contacted a man believed responsible for it. Due to his demeanor while being questioned, a police “psychiatric response” team was called in to evaluate the suspect's state of mind.

The man, whose name was not released, was taken into custody but it was unclear if he would be jailed or taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation.

After officers completed a search of the school to make sure no trespassers were there, they gave an all-clear about 12:30 p.m., Willis said. The campus then returned to normal operations.

It was unclear if the El Cajon man meant to make veiled threats against the school, or if he might have been concerned due to some type of confused notion he had about a shooting there.

In any case, the campus was never in danger, according to Willis.

“The school was safe the whole time,” he said. “The suspect did not approach the school or try to get onto the school grounds.”

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