La Mesa to regulate 5G cell towers, critics say that’s not enough

SAN DIEGO (KUSI)- City Council voted Tuesday night to adopt a plan that would regulate 5G cell towers, but critics are saying that’s not enough as towers are already being installed citywide and nationwide.

La Mesa residents took to the streets to protest the fifth generation technology that they say can cause cancer, blindness, hearing loss and infertility. The evidence of 5G causing health issues is still inconclusive, but these residents say they don’t want to take that risk.

The technology uses higher frequency electromagnetic radio waves to send data faster, bringing new internet speeds that will allow people to download entire movies within seconds. It also allows devices like cell phones, robots, security cameras , drones and cars to communicate with one another.

The towers are being installed all over San Diego and the U.S., and according to the federal government, City Council can’t stop 5G from coming, although it can regulate where the towers go.

There are several bills moving through Congress aimed at regulating the power that the FCC has given to the phone industry, but until then, 5G technology is here to stay.

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