Labrador finally reunited with owner after 700 mi and three years apart

BONITA (SAN DIEGO) — After three years and over 700 miles apart, a dog was reunited with his Texas owner Tuesday after receiving a call that his dog was found in Bonita.

The Labrador retriever named Brownie disappeared three years ago from a small town on the border of New Mexico and Texas. Ricardo Dominguez of Santa Teresa was at a meeting when Brownie disappeared from his horse ranch. He suspected the dog was stolen.

Last week, a microchip on the dog led County Animal Services in Chula Vista to his rightful owner after receiving a call from his girlfriend who told him the good news.

“She said, ‘Are you sitting down?’ ‘Yes, but I’m driving,’” said Dominguez. “She said, ‘They found Brownie.’ I say, ‘What? Where is he? San Diego? Do I want to keep him? Hell, yeah!’”

He made the 720 mile journey driving overnight from El Paso, Texas to pick up his dog.

He went crazy, Dominguez said. “He looks up through the door at me in my cowboy hat, and his eyes were, wow is that you?” said Dominguez. “His eyes went wide, and he went wild, started dragging the person on the leash, and he came and jumped on me and went crazy!”

Since returning home, Brownie is happy and healthy but a bit more territorial of his owners. Dominguez is just thrilled to have his dog back.

County Animal Services says a microchip is the best way to find a lost pet. It doesn’t hurt the animal and is only $10. For more information, visit the county’s animal services website.

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