Ladies of the Links make Cougar history with first CSUSM regional bid

Walking carefully up the incline, two competitors, turned friends, began competing again.

“Shortest to the pin,” Jamie Jacob says.

The sophomore out of Encinitas makes the challenge, but she doesn’t win it. The short roll from her playing partner bests the long flop.

That’s a rare sight to see from the CCAA player of the year.

“She’s awesome,” Savannah Magallon said. “We got along right from the start.”

“We’ve very competitive,” Jacob admits. “She’s standing behind you right now.”

Competing for best interview has been the toughest challenge they’ve had in the last two weeks. When you win your league championships by 19 strokes, these are the things you have left to fight over.

Next week, that equation changes when they step foot in Colorado for the NCAA Division II regionals – their first trip to the big show in their first year of eligibility to do so.

“We’re ranked number seven in the country,” head golf coach Greg Hutton said. “I believe they can go win [this] and make it to nationals and make a run to win.”

Their star is Jacob, and she’s the best example of why selling a D2 program short can be a great golfer’s great mistake.

“I didn’t even realize CSUSM was a four year school,” the La Costa Canyon alumnus quipped. “Coach Hutton followed me in a couple tournaments, and that’s how I found out more about San Marcos.”

“I do feel like an ambassador because we are such a growing program…[we] aren’t very well known in athletics and I’m spreading the word.”

The word has spread across San Diego county. Five of the females on the team are from the area, with the promise of more on the way.

“I’ve grown up here and I love it here,” Magallon said. “I can play golf here 362 days a year.”

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