Lakeside Union School District reopens at half capacity

LAKESIDE (KUSI) – Monday was the first day of in-person school for students within the Lakeside Union School district.

KUSI News’ Elizabeth Alvarez shows us what schools are doing to keep their staff students and the community safe.

If there was one word to describe the morning at Lindo Park Elementary it would be…”excited” said a group of first graders.

There were lots of balloons and signs welcoming back students to in-person instruction.

“It’s good to have them back.  I think they are more excited than me,” said Juvilyn Garcia, a mother of a first and kindergartener.

Temperature checks and screenings are being done as students enter the campus. Everyone must be wearing a mask.

The student body has been split into two cohorts: Group A comes to school Monday and Tuesdays and Group B Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“We will be at half capacity so there’s plenty of space for distancing, there’s handwashing schedule, Every hour, high touch surfaces will be cleaned and our classrooms will be disinfected every night,” said Dr. Andy Johnson, Superintendent.

“Every student here at Lindo Park has a baggy with jump ropes, chalk, hula hoops. we have special tennis balls for every student. at the end of the day we’re going to sanitize all of them put them back in the  baggie and have a deep clean of our equipment,” said Tessa Green, the principal.

The district’s maintenance and operation team created had washing stations that have been installed on every campus around the district. It’s to make hand washing go smoother since students will be required to do so every 60 to 90 secs.

Parents we talked to say they are feeling good about in-person school.

One parent told KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez, “They prepared parents way before even coming back emailed us what to expect and what to bring I think it’ll be great for them I think they need that interaction I can keep them from killing each other (laughs).”

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