Landon Donovan on the progress of SoccerCity and the World Cup Final

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – This November, San Diego voters will be able to vote between the SDSU West and SoccerCity initiatives.

In two separate rulings, San Diego Superior Court Judge Randa Trapp gave the okay for the dueling initiatives to appear on the ballot. City officials have been fighting the initiatives because they say it interferes with the mayor and city council’s ability to manage the land.

The initiatives each have their differences but both want to redevelop the Mission Valley stadium site to include a stadium, housing, commercial projects, and river park.

Wednesday night, Associated Press sports writer Bernie Wilson commented on the proposed measures. “I think both measures are going to get voted down and even if one wins there will probably be years of lawsuits, that’s just the way it is in California and San Diego. The thing about SoccerCity, don’t forget, is the City Attorney has said she believe it does not guarantee a soccer stadium. So if it doesn’t guarantee a soccer stadium, why is it on the ballot?” said Bernie.

Former professional soccer player Landon Donovan was in studio to respond to Wilson’s comment, talk more about SoccerCity, and the upcoming World Cup Championship between Croatia and France.


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