Lara Trump discusses the patriotism and unity the upcoming Trump Boat Parade will bring to San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A supporter organized campaign style event for President Trump’s reelection has proven to be popular in various cities across the United States, and this weekend, the Trump Boat parade is expected to attract thousands of people and hundreds of vessels to San Diego Bay to showcase their support for President Trump.

The parade organizer, Nick Garcia, says he wants to show President he has support in San Diego, while also using the event as an attempt to bring all Americans to unite together.

The event is open for everyone who wishes to participate, people can join in on the parade route if they have a boat to go on, or watch the parade from the shore.

Campaign adviser to President trump, Lara Trump, joins us now via skype to discuss the popularity of the boat parades, how the event can unite all Americans, and provide a general update on President Trump’s reelection campaign.

Lara Trump also detailed some of the successes President Trump has had while in office, and how the campaign plans to highlight those as they get ready for the November election. But the campaign talk didn’t stop there, Lara told us why they believe Biden’s policies, like support for the Green New Deal, are way to radical for everyday Americans to support, and that they are anxiously awaiting the first debate so Trump can highlight Biden’s radical stances.

A commercial for the boat parade is below:

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