Lara Trump says President Trump will play a big role in the Republican National Convention

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The 2020 Democratic National Convention wraps up Thursday and the Republican National Convention begins next Monday.

This year’s DNC was conducted virtually for the most part with recorded speeches, and performances by celebrities like Billie Eilish. The DNC used celebrities in 2016 to grow support for then candidate Hillary Clinton, but it didn’t work.

Television ratings for the 2020 DNC are way down compared to 2016, but streaming numbers have not been made public yet.

Some Republican strategists believe the low television correlate to the low enthusiasm Democrat voters have for their candidate, Joe Biden.

Not even everyone who spoke at the DNC even endorsed Biden for president, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke for 60-seconds and concluded by endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders.

On Good Morning San Diego, Senior Advisor to President Trump, Lara Trump, said the speakers “displayed an America in which no one wants to live.It’s been dark, it’s been dismal, sad and depressing.”

Lara Trump explained that next week’s Republican National Convention will be the complete opposite. “We are so excited to showcase America, the exceptional nation that we are. Ours will be a convention filled with hope, promise and inspiration” she explained.

Unlike the Democrats strategy of hiding their candidate as much as possible, Lara Trump said President Trump will participate in every day of the RNC.


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