Last GOP hopefuls take the stage Thursday in Florida debate

FLORIDA (KUSI) – Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Marco Rubio will face off in another GOP debate Thursday in Miami.

Thursday’s debate comes just before Super Tuesday 3, where 350 delegates will be up for grabs.

According to CNN, Trump and Rubio are both predicting easy wins in Florida. If Trump wins, it will catapult his already winning campaign and likely crown him the Republican nominee.

If Rubio loses his home state, it will likely kill his campaign entirely.

Cruz and Kasich are both aggressively trying to stay afloat in the race, working to convince the Republican party to rally around them and drop Trump.

According to CNN, Kasich has yet to win a single state is hoping to win Ohio.

A Fox News poll released Wednesday showed Kasich leading Trump in Ohio, but the front-runner topping Rubio in Florida.

According to CNN, here are four things to watch for in Thursday’s debate:

1. A softer Donald Trump

In a press conference Tuesday night, Trump appeared to strip his speech of harsh comments and insults. It would suggest that Trump, closer than ever to becoming the GOP nomination, is preparing to shift away from the theatrics and focus on branding himself as a worthy — and serious — candidate.

2. Ted Cruz’s moment to seize

Cruz is arguing that he and Trump are the only two GOP candidates with a realistic path to 1,237 delegates and pleading with those supporting his rivals to jump ship.

3. Marco Rubio on his last legs

The GOP primary contest in Florida on Tuesday will likely be Rubio’s last real chance to show that he has any standing to remain in the race. The first-term senator has aggressively insisted that he will win on his home turf, even as polls show him trailing behind Trump.

4. John Kasich’s new momentum

When Kasich takes the CNN debate stage Thursday night with the three of the other remaining Republican presidential candidates, it will be with the last men standing.

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