Sweetwater High School and City of National City partner to distribute PPE

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A massive donation effort put together by a nonprofit is about to help meet the needful more National City residents in need of PPE.

Even though students have yet to come back to in-person learning, Sweetwater High School was buzzing with activity Wednesday.

More than 80 pallets of PPE: hand sanitizer, face shields and hand-held thermometers, will be going to residents, families and organizations in need of these supplies in the South County region. 

All these donations made possible by Last Mile San Diego. Dr. Amy Aminlari is founder of the non-profit. 

She’s also an emergency room physician. “Our group is a group of volunteers working to protecting those at greatest risk of Covid… PPES still hard to come by,” said Dr. Aminlari.

National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solís has made it a priority to help her residents as much as she can.

“Even with the vaccine roll out eligible with people eligible to get the vaccine we need to make sure people still keep their masks on Until we reach that heard immunity of 75–80% of people vaccinated. We are so blessed to be partners with Last Mile San Diego, Sweetwater High School, the Teamsters Ironworkers, Murphy’s Produce and so many other partners that have really come together,” said the Mayor.

Dr. Aminlari wants residents to get “M.A.D.”  “Covid is spread through the air and indoor environment with poor ventilation, so, ‘mask, air, distance’ needs to continue despite the vaccine,” said Dr. Aminlari

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