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Many of us have found ourselves in situations, either personally or professionally, where we are in need of legal services. Where do you turn? First, identify the type of lawyer you need. Here are some of the broader categories of law in which you may find specialists who can help:


REAL ESTATE: Attorney that can protect you from costly mistakes, errors in the documents, errors in the figures and other problems that could lead to litigation or other expensive legal action. Real Estate attorneys also represent and assist business entities in a variety of commercial real estate issues including real estate investment opportunities, acquisitions and sales, real estate construction and development, farm and ranch acquisitions and sales, leasing, landlord/tenant matters, land use, zoning, eminent domain, financing, refinancing, mortgages and foreclosures, and other commercial real estate matters.


SOCIAL SECURITY/WORKERS COMPENSATION: If you have a work related injury or disease, attorneys may help you obtain damages. Damages may include compensation for medical costs, lost wages and other benefits.


BANKRUPTCY: Attorneys handle all aspects of bankruptcy law and provide legal methods for an individual or commercial enterprise/business to either wipe out debts by liquidating assets and distributing them among creditors or resolve them by developing a court-approved reorganization plan, or other plan involving the repayment of creditors over time.


BUSINESS: Attorneys can help with every aspect of business law including banking and finance law, business formation and organization, business negotiations, business planning, transactional business law, acquisition, merger, divestiture and sale of businesses, and business litigation, as well as environmental, intellectual property, labor and civil law areas.


CRIMINAL:Governs crimes against the public and members of the public. A criminal attorney may work for the government as a prosecutor or represent the accused person as a defense lawyer.


DIVORCE:Issues included within divorce law are the division of property, child custody and support, alimony (spousal support), and navigating the different rules related to petitioning the court.


DUI: Attorneys who specialize in defending DUI cases will evaluate all the evidence, including the procedure and results of any field sobriety and chemical tests, to ensure that your legal rights are protected.


ESTATE: Attorneys assist in the preparation of a plan of administration and disposition of one's property before or after death, including will, trusts, gifts, and power of attorney. You should have an estate plan if you own property that will be left to heirs or charity or you are concerned about quality of life/end of life decisions.


FAMILY: Attorneys specialize in the family law relationships which include adoption, child custody, alimony/spousal support, divorce, domestic violence, marital agreement/property rights, visitation rights, paternity and prenuptial agreements.


IMMIGRATION: Attorneys assist in citizenship and naturalization, visas, deportation, and asylum.


EMPLOYMENT: Attorneys can assist both the employee and the employer. Here are some of the types of issues that employment law attorneys handle: Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Discrimination, Wage and Hour Claims, Labor Law, Unemployment Insurance Claims, and Employer Assistance.


PERSONAL INJURY: Personal Injury is a tort law that covers any wrong or damage done to another person, rights, or reputation. It must occur due to the negligence or unreasonably unsafe actions of an employer, a manufacturer, a doctor, a landlord, or some other person or organization who owes you a duty of ordinary care.


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