San Diego Super Bowl snub

The lousy weather has led to a lot of grumbling about why the NFL doesn't always stage the Super Bowl in a warm-weather city, and in particular, San Diego. KUSI's Ed Lenderman has the details.

Keep in mind next year's Super Bowl is in Indianapolis and two years after that it in New York.

We should send side by side pictures of Dallas and San Diego on the Friday before the big game to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell but you know it wouldn't do any good.

The NFL made it clear years ago that the Super Bowl wasn't about the city. San Diego got high praise from everyone, including the game-day announcers, when we hosted three of them–the last in 2003. No, the Super Bowl, say the people who regularly cover the NFL  has become a bargaining chip, build a new stadium and they will come.

It doesn't matter about the weather and oh by the way, the internet has been full of complaints by NFL beat writers this week that Dallas lacks the charm and amenities of a San Diego, even if the weather were decent.

It may have been 11 years ago, but San Diegans haven't forgotten the back of the hand slap by then NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue when he said “there are more and more cities seeking Super Bowls with outstanding facilities, so although the owners vote, I think it's unlikely there's going to be a Super Bowl in the immediate future in San Diego.”

Jason Riggs is the founder of the San Diego Stadium Coalition– a grass-roots group actively pushing the case for a new Chargers stadium.  He says, “there are pieces to a Super Bowl that go beyond the city and the environment, the facility really is important, but when I add it all up, would I rather be sitting in the most beautiful stadium in say Indianapolis or Dallas or an old run down stadium, it's pretty clear to me, I'd rather be here (in San DIego), but you don't see the NFL changing its mind.”

Backers of a new stadium in Los Angeles made a big presentation in Dallas this week — Riggs is skeptical about all the splash! “There is no way that they can build this stadium in L.A. without some taxpayer money, they can defer it, they can sell bonds but the bottom line is the taxpayers are going to be footing some of that bill,” said Riggs.

Regarding the Chargers, a new stadium and Los Angeles, NFL Commissioner Goodell said Friday, quote, 'we want to keep teams where they are. But we need to find a solution to this stadium issue in San Diego.'

Chargers President Dean Spanos was there and said afterward, my focus is San Diego and it has its challenges.     

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