More proposed college tuition hikes

Drastic hikes in University tuition, both here in California and abroad are causing a lot of student anger.

KUSI's Ed Lenderman shares the students struggles on both sides of the Atlantic.

At UC San Diego, it appeared to be a normal day for students, but below the surface, many  were seething over yet another “likely” tuition increase.

There are already to many students who can't afford a University education but now with the further fee hikes it has students questioning education priorities in the U.S.

In London, the anger over plans to triple University tuition had tens of thousands of students marching through the streets. A minority of the demonstrators battled police and trashed a building containing the headquarters of the ruling conservative party.

Students in the U.S. and abroad say more than ever, they feel a sense of powerlessness over how to finance their educations.

Monday, the University of California system's President proposed a tuition increase for next year of 8-percent for many students. This on top of a 32-percent increase that went into effect this school year.

But wait, the financial pain is being spread around. Today the California State University Board of Regents approved a two tiered tuition increase for schools in its system, which includes San Diego State. The first five-percent hike is scheduled to take place next January and the other 10-percent jump will be effective for the 2011-12 academic year.

UC San Diego student leaders Michael Lam and Kristina Pham said to expect protests next week when the UC Regents take up the President's proposal, “students are already hearing the buzz about it, I don't think they realize how quick the decision is coming.”

Last month's on-campus “Day of Action” protest over the continuing increases was peaceful
but last November, the protest outside the Regents meeting at UCLA over the 32-percent hike for this academic year had an angrier edge to it.

The Regents will meet next month and there seems to be little doubt they'll approve the increase.


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