VFW-PAC endorsement controversy

A local congressional race has been caught up in a controversy involving the Veterans of Foreign Wars' and the Political Action Committee, (VFW-PAC). Many of the candidates the PAC has chosen to endorse has outraged many VFW members.

This is not the kind of publicity the VFW wanted two weeks before the election.

The VFW's commander-in-chief has responded to what he says is an extremely negative publicity endorsement issue. “The flap,” says Richard Eubank, “has harmed the VFW's reputation.”

Eubank has moved to dissolve the organization's Political Action Committee (PAC), which operates independently because of the VFW's non-profit status. Due to the PAC's endorsement of a number of democratic incumbents, including California Senator Barbara Boxer, which has angered many VFW members.

Its endorsement of another longtime congressional incumbent, 51st District Representative Bob Filner hasn't created nearly as much attention, but still caused a stir because Filner's Republican challenger, Nick Popaditch, is a highly decorated veteran of the Iraq War.
Nick Popaditch spoke with KUSI's Dan Plante on Good Morning San Diego, giving his thoughts on the endorsement controversy. 

Filner says the VFW-PAC's endorsement is highly sought after. He may be against the war, he says, “but the PAC has recognized his contributions as Chair of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee.” It goes both ways he said, citing a year ago when he didn't get the PAC endorsement.

Tim Sprague is Commander of the largest VFW district in San Diego County. “People need to understand” he says, “these were the endorsements of the organization's Political Action Committee, they didn't come from the VFW's membership.”

The VFW National asked it's PAC's board of directors to rescind the endorsements.
The board declined, thus the move to dissolve the pac.

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