Local rally supports Midwest states’ budget reforms

The local taxpayer revolt groups joined with San Diego Tea Party groups Wednesday to support Wisconsin's Governor and the similar stances of Republican Governors in Indiana and Ohio. KUSI's Ed Lenderman was at the rally held in Kearney Mesa Wednesday to support the Governors' stances and reports on the latest.

There was a lot of talk Wednesday about the State Capitol uprisings in the Midwest inevitably spreading to California's capitol.

We heard it more than once Wednesday at a gathering in a Kearney Mesa park. The role of government is not to be an employer. We were also told that the “necessary” budget reforms going on in Midwest state capitols such as Madison, Wisconsin highlight the need to put power back into the hands of taxpayers, not public employees unions.

Richard Rider says he also finds it fascinating that the public's perception is that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is taking bold steps when in fact, says Rider, the reforms are modest.

Question is, says Rider, do we get upset over 100,000 people protesting, alluding to the unions, or the 38 million people in the state paying taxes.

All that will happen, says Rider, is when voters shoot down the tax-extension Governor Brown hopes to put on the ballot in June which will be followed by Brown's veto of the legislature's altered state budget which California won't be able to afford.

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