‘Let The Kids Breathe’ rally held outside San Diego County Administration Building

SAN DIEG O (KUSI) – When is enough going to be enough? Where’s the science that backs mask mandates up?

These are the questions parents across California, and here in San Diego, are asking County Health Officials who continue to push mask mandates for young children in our schools.

KUSI’s Ed Lenderman spoke with Brad Brinkman, who emotionally expressed his concerns about the children’s school experience with mask mandates.

Brinkman explained some teachers can’t even recognize the kids, the children hate them, and it is negatively impacting their maturity and growth of their social skills.

As you know, children have an extremely low-risk to coronavirus, and have proven to not be significant spreaders of the virus. Despite this, Brinkman says San Diego County Health Officials have failed to provide him any “science” that backs up their mask mandates.

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