‘Let Them Breathe’ group says masking children does more harm than good

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – California’s mask mandate in school has sparked a lot of confusion and anger among many parents and guardians.

Parents from the ‘Let Them Breathe’ group have been very vocal about the issue, and have hosted dozens of rallies and meetings to show their opposition to these mandates.

Now, they are pointing to a brand new study out of the U.K. that once again found something we have known to be true for nearly a year, kids transmit the virus at a much lower rate than adults and that having kids wear masks is “unscientific child abuse.”

The NY Post reports, “Nevertheless, we Americans ­inflicted misery upon our kids. We took away school, kept them apart from their friends, and needlessly covered their faces. It wasn’t all kids who suffered, though. Kids in private and parochial schools in urban areas went to school. Kids in public schools in GOP-governed areas also went to school (and even got to play sports, mask-free).”

Continuing, “And everything turned out OK: States with open schools didn’t have more child COVID cases and certainly not more hospitalizations or deaths. Schools without mask mandates didn’t have significantly more COVID cases. They simply put kids first. But kids unlucky enough to live in blue cities and states were subjected to the anti-science mania of gentry liberals and the cravenness of political leaders beholden to teachers unions.”

Melanie Burkholder, a leader of the ‘Let Them Breathe’ group, joined KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez on Good Morning San Diego to discuss the findings and how it proves them to be right all along.

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