Let’s Not Surrender “Unconditional Surrender”

Ross Becker
The famous statue of the sailor kissing the nurse standing in Mole Park in San Diego is getting ready to leave. “Unconditional Surrender” is the official name of the statue commemorating that moment in Times Square on V-J Day, August 14, 1945. Thousands of people have come here and shared their special moments in the shadow of that famous statue.

It is on loan to the Port of San Diego by the Sculpture Foundation of Santa Monica. It was placed here in 2007 and was supposed to stay just one year, but the Foundation has graciously extended its' stay year after year after year for free. The next deadline is coming up in January and, so far, there is no extension so “Unconditional Surrender” may be going somewhere else.

Many San Diegans have grown fond of this famous image and it fits so well in our harbor with its' long history of Navy homecomings. The Port says, so far, it has not heard from the Foundation and it has not officially asked for another extension to keep it here.

Edith Shain is the nurse who got that big, famous smack on the lips that happy day in 1945. She was here for the dedication of the statue here in San Diego. She said, “There is so much romance in that statue, it gives such a feeling of hope to all who look at it.” Shain died earlier this year.

Now this is just my opinion. I love that statue. It does represent the sacrifice and the joy of reunion. I hope San Diego can keep it. If the Port needs me to write a letter, I will. I hope you will too. There is a website raising money to help the cause, www.saveourstatue.com.

Also, a reminder, that the anniversary of V – J Day is this Saturday. Go visit “our” statue while it is still “our” statue. Celebrate the joy and the history of that day. Take the kids. It could be gone in January.

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