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This Letter to the Editor has been submitted to the Union-Tribune on April 20th. Do you think they will publish it? We will see:

Dear Readers of U-T,

When the Dalai Lama teamed up with two global warming scientists from the Scripps Oceanographic Institute during his San Diego visit, the symbolism reached the ultimate. There is was for all to see, the global warming scare is now as much of a belief as it is science. And, that is what makes it so difficult for those of us who know that the scientific hypothesis behind the anthropogenic (man-made) global warming has failed. Environmentalists, Al Gore inspired political liberals, the scientists whose livelihood depend on obtaining grants from the 2.7 billion dollars a year of our tax dollars that our Federal government spends a year to support the global warming scare now have a strong faith based following as well.

The basic science behind global warming is the theory that the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the burning of fossil fuels to power our civilization, interacts with water vapor to produce a highly magnified greenhouse effect leading to uncontrolled, extreme global warming. Computer scientists put this assumed resulting “positive feedback” into their climate prediction models and came up with the extreme warming forecasts that lead to the scares about uncontrolled heat waves, polar ice melting, ocean water level rises and coastal flooding, the death of polar bears and millions of people. But that amplified effect has failed to occur in reality. Scientific measurements find the temperature impact form increased CO2 in insignificant. The glaciers and polar ice are not melting beyond the gradual natural result from the natural warming Earth has been enjoying over the last 12 thousand years of this interglacial period.

Many environmentalists suggest we go ahead with our the reduction of our carbon footprints as insurance, just in case the CO2 forcing turns out to be real despite the lack of scientific validation as of now. Well, if you want to take the safe route, turn in your smart phone and iPods, sell your car, turn off your A/C and furnace, cancel all airplane trips and wait it out. The solar and wind power alternative energy are incapable of powering our civilization as of now and show little sign of being up to the job in less than 50 years. And, this is despite billions of tax dollars of incentives and tax exemptions.

Meanwhile, scientists and engineers have reformulated our fuels, cleaned up our coal put catalytic converters on cars and scrubbers on smoke stacks and greatly refined the internal combustion engine reducing air pollution from our advanced civilization to a small, acceptable level. Now CO2 is the only significant exhaust gas and it is not a pollutant despite the anti-science ruling of the Environmental Protection Society. In fact, the increased CO2 in the atmosphere is a marvelous fertilizer and Earth is 20% greener as a result.

These are facts. Yet the dramatic anti-science drivel of the global warming zealots is the basis of so called research report news accounts regularly published without question by all forms of media.

Science will win out in the long run. But it is a difficult time for honest scientists.


John Coleman

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