Liam, Olivia ranked San Diego’s most popular baby names in 2019

Photo by Irina Murza on Unsplash

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Liam and Olivia were the most popular baby boy and girl names in San Diego County in 2019, the county Health and Human Service Agency announced Friday.

Leading all other baby names, 243 girls were named Olivia, with Emma in second at 212. Camila, Mia, Isabella, Sophia, Charlotte, Luna, Sofia, Amelia and Victoria rounded out the top-10 names for baby girls. Olivia overtook Emma for the most popular baby girl name after Emma led for the previous three years.

Liam led all boys’ names at 199, followed by Noah at 188 and Oliver and Sebastian, tied for third at 174. Mateo, Ethan, Alexander, Lucas, Benjamin and Julian were also in the top-10 most popular names for baby boys. Liam has now led among boys’ names for three consecutive years.

Nationally, Sophia and Liam led all other girls’ and boys’ names in 2019, according to the parenting website Olivia and Emma ranked second and third among girls while Jackson and Noah ranked second and third among boys.

In total, 36,591 babies were born in San Diego County in 2019, according to the county. Boys made up 18,633 of those births and 17,958 of them were girls.

For the entirety of the decade, Noah led all boys’ names in San Diego County at 2,076 while Sophia led all girls’ names at 2,496. Alexander, Daniel, Liam, Jacob, Ethan, Sebastian, Benjamin, David and Logan followed Noah among the top boys’ names while Isabella, Mia, Emma, Olivia, Sofia, Emily, Ava, Camila and Victoria followed Sophia among girls’ names.

Women in San Diego County gave birth to 425,175 babies during the 2010s, 217,801 of which were boys and 207,372 were girls, according to the county’s Health and Human Services Agency.

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