Lifeguards enter ‘recovery mode’ in search of possible missing swimmer

OCEAN BEACH (KUSI) – Lifeguards were searching for a possible missing swimmer, seen entering the water in Ocean Beach early Monday morning at approximately 1 a.m., according to San Diego Fire Rescue Dept. Capt. Joe Amador.   

The initial search was called off at about 2:30 a.m., and it resumed at first light this morning.   

"Lifeguards are in recovery mode, searching the coastline from Santa Cruz Avenue to the south channel jetty," Amador said. The search was ongoing at mid afternoon.   

A witness called 911 when she spotted a male entering the water and some clothing on a nearby seawall.   

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter responded to the scene, but since left the area. Authorities also kept an eye out for any missing persons reports.

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