Lifeguards and police get ready for Memorial Day Weekend

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — It’s almost here. The unofficial start of summer and it’s gonna be good.

“Memorial Day is an exciting time for us, the lifeguards get fired up and ready to go,” said Sgt. Rick Snobel of the San Diego Lifeguards.

In Mission Beach, the lifeguards were joined by the San Diego Police Beach Patrol Thursday afternoon for a pre-summer reminder.

“The biggest thing for us is the alcohol. We will be on the sand and the boardwalks and Mission Bay,” said San Diego Police Officer Larry Hesselgesser.

This year, there’s another issue for the police. For the first time, those ride-sharing scooters are everywhere and they’re breaking the rules.

“Yes, we will be cracking down on the scooters. People need to know, you need a helmet, you need a drivers license and you can’t ride double,” Hesselgesser said “But the biggest thing is speed. Those scooters go 15-miles an hour, the speed limit on the boardwalk is 8-miles an hour.”

Hardly anyone goes 8-miles an hour.

Other things of concern going into summer, stingrays. Every year, hundreds of people feel the sting.

But there is a method to avoid, it’s called “the stingray shuffle.” Instead of walking into the water, “slide” your feet along the ocean floor. Shuffle your feet. That way the stingrays will swim away.

Among the other rules, no glass, no smoking, (that includes pot) and no closed tents. All tents must be open on one side so cops can see in.

This is the most exciting time of the year here in San Diego, if everyone plays by the rules, then everyone leaves with a good story. Enjoy.

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