Lifeguards prepared for busy beach weekend during heat wave

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A heat wave that could bring record temperatures is baking San Diego County, making the beach an attractive escape for families over the weekend. The sandy shores of San Diego will be busy, and with such high temperatures and crowds, it’s important to stay safe and prepared. Keeping an eye on your children while the beach draws big numbers is one of the biggest tips of the weekend. 

"Watch your kids out here on the beach," Lt. Rick Romero with the San Diego Lifeguard said. It takes just minutes for a child to wander away, and while lifeguards have their summer staff prepared, it still creates a long process during a very busy time on the beach. 

"Know your location on the beach," Romero said. "Where you’re going to set up your towels and area." 

Numbers on lifeguard towers are an easy way to set a landmark to reference, and making sure children know as much information as possible to lead them back to their families is key. 

No glass, alcohol and smoking is permitted on the beach. Dogs are allowed on the boardwalks during specific times and must be leashed. Keep fires in the fire squares, and hydrate for what’s going to be a very hot weekend. Stay aware of the rip current as well, which will be strong during the heat wave. 

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