Lifeguards thank beach goers who are following the rules amid COVID-19

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego Lifeguards want to thank all the beach goers who are following the rules and being considerate of others during pandemic restrictions.

“The vast majority of visitors to the beaches are compliant and we appreciate that very much,” said Chief James Gartland.

These current rules are in place for everyone’s safety and are mandated by the county of San Diego Public Health.

Remember that the beaches are open for passive use including: jogging, walking, surfing, swimming and kayaking.

There still is no sunbathing, picnicking, lying or sitting down on the beaches.

The bays are also open for boating and fishing from boats.

There is still no fishing from the shoreline and the boardwalk remains closed.

Chief Gartland said lifeguards made several rescues this past week and it’s important to check in with a lifeguard before you go in the water.

For people visiting the oceans, lifeguards can give you info on surf/water conditions and let you know where the rip currents are and what spots to avoid.

They will also explain the flags you will see on the beach which divide the surfing and swimming areas.

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