Lily Higman vows to put ‘Kids First’ in campaign for San Diego Unified School Board, District C

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The strict regulations implemented by the San Diego Unified School District has led to growing calls by parents to replace the current Board Members.

Many of the board members who forced masks on healthy students, and pushed for remote learning, caused outrage by the parents as they saw their kids struggle in many facets of their mental and social maturity stages.

Lily Higman is one of the parents now campaigning to get a seat on SDUSD’s board, and is vowing to put the Kids First. Higman says she has been fighting for the students for the past 11 years, while her opponent, Becca Williams, has only lived in San Diego for three years, and doesn’t even have children in school.

The other candidate in the race, Cody Petterson, received the union endorsement, something Higman doesn’t think will actually benefit him.

Higman says she’s challenged the board on many different decisions over the years, and thinks of herself as the outsider in the race.

Higman discussed her campaign with KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego.

Sdusd District C Candidates 2022

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