Linda Blankenship is running for State Senate to make ‘Sacramento leave us alone’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Linda Blankenship is a small business owner, and a resident of the 39th district since the early 1960’s during California’s Golden Age.

Blankenship is challenging incumbent State Senator Toni Atkins and believes she is gaining so much support because people are excited to have another option.

Her key principles are freedom, fiscal responsibility, equal access to quality education, and modeling respect and civility. Blankenship believes California’s government is careening in the wrong direction under the current leadership.

Blankenship is strongly against AB 5, and cites her previous work as an independent contractor as proof the bill is detrimental to Californians.

Blankenship joined KUSI’s Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego to explain her priorities and why she believes Sacramento is getting out of control with “ludicrous” regulations from the Democrat politicians. Blankenship says our laws “aren’t in the hands of grown ups, they are in the hands of children who want to dictate to us.”

She cited Newsom’s advice to put your mask on in between bites at the dinner table to prove Sacramento has lost their mind.

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