Lions, Tigers and Bears Animal Sanctuary prepares for possible evacuation

ALPINE (KUSI) – While many back country residents have already left their homes, other residents are getting ready to evacuate, if necessary. All of this is even harder when you’re in charge of dozens of wild animals.

Since Saturday, the founder and director of Lions, Tigers and Bears, an animal sanctuary in Alpine, has been preparing for the emergency evacuation of 45 animals, exotic and domestic.

Bobbi Brink said she works from an evacuation plan she developed in 2002, which she reviews on a regular basis with staff and updates as more animals and buildings are added.

The animals which usually roam in their open habitat were brought into their lockdown cages on Monday, in case they need to be transported from the ranch quickly. The animals will be put into rolling cages and brought to a big hauler or trailer.

Brink said the community came to her aid by showing up with forklifts, which are ready to lift the cages into the trailers and trucks. The San Diego Zoo also helped by donating rolling cages.

If there is an evacuation order, Brink said the animals will be moved to the zoo and several other evacuation sites.

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